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Morpholio Common Plants Stencil Set


A collection of plant illustrations made for Morpholio. This collection includes both plan and elevation views.
File Type:
File Size: 69 MB   
Format: JPG, PDF, AI

Technical details: All stencils are recolorable. You can easily change colors in Morpholio. 

Software compatibility:
 Morpholio 5.51 or newer for iPad (Please note that the JPGs are set up to be custom stencils. You can import JPGs into Morpholio easily, and you can modify AI and PDF files to create your own version)

Content:  35 Plant Stencil Illustrations for Morpholio 

About Morpholio Stencils: People, furniture, plants and other scale brushes are mostly used by architects, designers and artists. Texture, pattern brushes are mostly used in architectural illustrations.

Tags: plants, elevation, top view, plan, park, bushes, green, leaf, wild plants, urban, green area, scenery, greenery, ladscape, garden, vegetation, small plant, plantation, woods, grass, bush, exterior illustration, comic, ipad, tablet

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Morpholio Common Plants Stencil Set

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