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  • Can I use the contents for my personal/commercial projects?

    Yes, you can use both free and paid contents in your personal or commercial projects without any royalty. However, you can not use, copy or sell the contents on its own. For more detailed information see the link below;


  • How can I use the contents?

    We use AI, PDF, PNG formats for vector packs and DWG, AI, PDF formats in cad packs. You can use/edit our contents in any program which supports these formats. Or simply check out this how to export AI files to other formats article in the link below,

    How to export artwork in Illustrator? | Adobe Help

  • Do I get the drawings in separate files?

    No, we put all drawings in a pack into single pdf, AI, DWG file however we make sure they are all easy to detach with any editing software. If you are not familiar with this kind of software you can contact us with your order number and our team will assist you.

  • Is there any technical requirements to use the contents?

    You can use the AI, PDF, PNG formats with any compatible software, there aren't any limitations. For DWG files your AutoCad version must be newer than 2013 (It may differ for other DWG editing software).

  • Can you draw a recommended theme?

    Yes, we love hearing suggestions from our visitors! Feel free to share your theme ideas with us at

  • Can I get custom vectors for my company/brand?

    Sure. We are currently in collaboration with architecture, product design, package design and fashion companies and always willing to expand our collaborations in different fields. You can contact our team at for any kind of collaboration inquiries.

  • How can I apply for contributor account and how does the process works?

    You can apply for contributor account here

    First, you need to fill the application form and submit an example file (it can be in any format, it's just important for us to see your style) for our design team review. After your application is approved you will be asked to fill the contributor registration form and submit an example content in a similar format that we use on marketplace. Once your content is approved we are going to launch your contributor page and publish your product.

  • Can I make contents outside of the existing categories and what should be the subject of my contents?

    You can work on any category or style you wish for. You can simply suggest your category idea and we will review it based on whether it would benefit designers visualization process. If everything is okay our design team will assist you to create a new category, thought we might request multiple contents to launch a new category.

    Beside some simple restrictions (see in Additional Information below) you are free to publish your contents as you wish.

  • Can I publish my contents for free?

    Unfortunately, we can only support contributors for paid contents at this moment.

  • Can I publish my contents on other platforms?

    We are working on developing our analytics for contents so we can give you feedbacks and inform you about demands. In order to keep this data as clean as possible we don't allow publishing the same contents on other platforms.

  • Can I publish a content that has the same/similar concept with an existing content?

    We support different approach, style, extent etc. to an existing concept however your content's substances shouldn't overlap with an existing content. 

  • Can I set my content's price whatever I want?

    We use a system what we called is "relative pricing". Thought we don't want to control or limit your pricing we want to keep our contents fair for both other contributors and customers. So we will ask you to price your contents based on existing contents prices and their extent.

  • How much money will I get from the sales of my contents?

    Currently you will get net %50 per sale of your contents. All maintenance and additional costs such as hosting, storage, marketing etc. will be covered by us. We will also cover the taxes of the sales but you will responsible for your income tax. Income tax regulations are generally based on the country/state and your net revenue so we suggest you to consult an expert if needed.

  • How would I get paid and how often?

    In your registration form you will be asked to provide your personal and banking information. Your sales will be calculated in monthly basis. When the month ends we are going to generate an analysis of your contents performance over the next 15 days and share the report with you. You must reach the minimum amount required($100) to have your invoice generated. If the months earning don't reach the minimum amount it will be added to the next month until it reaches $100.

  • Can I set my license rights for my contents?

    Yes, you can. If you want to set a specific license right please contact with our team before submitting the content. If no term is specified with the submission our license rights will be applied to your contents. You can check out the license rights here.

  • Additional Information

    The main reasons for content rejections;

    - The quality of the content doesn’t meet the standard required on our site.

    - There is a very similar content available.

    - Price is unfairly out of range.

    - Content has copyright elements (logos, brands etc.)

    - Content has duplicated elements or has the same elements as other contents.

    - Content has violent, pornographic, hate speech elements (contributor will be warned, in the case of recurrence agreement with contributor will be terminated.)

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