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Cad Essentials Bundle

An essentials bundle with editor's picks cad blocks for your architecture & design projects 

-Cad Street Section
-Cad Office Top View
-Cad Office Section
-Cad House Furniture Top View
-Cad House Section
-Cad Playground Section
Cad Library Top View
-Cad Library Section
-Cad Restaurant Top View
-Cad Restaurant Section
-Cad Farm Section
-Cad Coffee Shop Top View
-Cad Local Coffee Shop Section
-Cad Artists Top View
-Cad Movie Theater
-Cad Cars Multi-Angle
-Cad Trees Multi-Angle
-Cad Plants Multi-Angle
-Cad Plants Multi-Angle 2

File Type: Cad
File Size: 331 MB
Format: AI, DWG, PDF

Technical details: All vector drawings are resizable. You can easily change the colors and backgrounds of AI files in Adobe Illustrator or DWG files in Autodesk Autocad.

Software compatibility:
 Autodesk Autocad 2013 or newer.

Content: This pack includes common style recolorable and resizable cad blocks. Suitable for any project.

About Cads: People, furniture, plants, and other scales are mostly used in sections, elevations, and plans by architects and designers.

Tags: street, urban, people, human, public, traffic, lights, lamp, chair, table, bin, garbage, public space, outdoor, exterior, sign, trash, walking, tree, car, parking, road, facade, store, shop, display, door, window, plant, section, elevation, human scales, standing, food truck, coffee, cafe, brewing, cafeteria, menu, elevation, section, third wave, chilling, working, drinking, buying, consuming, consumer, shopping, studying, waiter, bar stools, chatting, coffee date, starbucks, leisure activities, local, street, facade, dog, farming, farmers, domestic animals, harvesting, watering, crops, cow, horse, mowing, lawn, agriculture, book, elevation, bookshelf, bookcase, reading, studying, cowork, shopping, store, work, read, bookshop, bookstore, seating, armchair, stool, chair, table, lighting, computer, plants, reception, desk, study, work, reading, sedan, hatchback, car, auto, automobile, vehicle, wheel, parking, transportation, police, taxi, ambulance, truck, bushes, vegetation, plantation, potted plants, vase, snake plant, pilea peperomioides, areca, green, herbs, flowers, daisy, daisies, garden, planting, flower, evergreen, landscape, green

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Cad Essentials Bundle

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