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Brush & Swatch

People, furniture, plant brushes, and texture swatches that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Drawing, and similar software...

Photoshop Brushes

About Photoshop Brushes: People, furniture, plants, and other photoshop brushes are mostly used in architectural representation, renderings, and architecture illustrations by architects and designers.

Illustrator Brushes

Technical details: All vector brushes are clean detailed and resizable. You can easily edit the vector brushes with suitable graphic design software.
Software compatibility: AI: Adobe Illustrator CC (legacy format) ABR: Adobe Photoshop AFBRUSHES: Affinity Photo, Affinity Drawing
Content: Brush packs include furniture, people silhouette, animals, objects, and similar art brush and pattern brushes. (Such as people brush, tree brush, watercolor brush, Sanaa people brush, modular man brush, ) Suitable for architecture design, building design drawings, interior design drawings, home design drawings, house design drawings, commercial design drawings, urban planning, and city design drawings, furniture design drawings, and illustrations.

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