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3D Model Art Workshop

3D DESIGN: 3D Model Art Workshop

Workshop object 3D models

File Type:
 3D Model
File Size: 213 MB
Native Format: Blender (blend)
Export Formats: Autodesk FBX (fbx), Digital Asset Exchange (dae), MTL (mtl), Wavefront (obj), 

About 3D Models: People, furniture, plants, and other 3D models are mostly used in exterior and interior design by architects and designers.

Technical details: You can easily edit the 3D models with suitable 3D modeling software.

Software compatibility:
 The model performs best with the native software however included exports allow you to use and edit the model with any 3D modeling software. Such as but not limited to; 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox, etc. For further information please check your choice of software's compatibility with the native and export formats of the model.

Content: This pack includes workshop object models. Suitable for interior projects.

Tags: workshop, desk, 3d, model, sitting, ceramic, clay, art, painting, canvas, stool, paint, studio, sketchup,

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3D Model Art Workshop

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