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Procreate Architectural Sketching Brushset & Illustrations 2


A collection of hand-drawn brushes and illustrations in architectural sketchy style. The folder includes 25 Procreate brushes and the illustrations of the vegetations in PNG and PSD formats.    
File Type:
 Brush Set, Not-vectoral
File Size: 43 MB  

Technical details: All brushes are recolorable. You can easily change colors in Procreate. The PSD and PNG file is in illustration category and is not resizable. 

Software compatibility:
 Brushset files are compatible with Procreate 5.3.1 or newer for iPad (Please note that these brushes are made only for Procreate. The .brushset extension does not have any compatibility with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.) 

PSD files can be opened in Adobe Photoshop. PNG files are suitable with almost every graphic software.

Content: 25 Vegetation Brushes for Procreate + Illustrations of Vegetations in PNG and PSD formats 

About Procreate Brushsets: People, furniture, plants and other scale brushes are mostly used by architects, designers and artists. Texture, pattern brushes are mostly used in architectural illustrations.  

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Procreate Architectural Sketching Brushset & Illustrations 2

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