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How to Draw Vector People in Adobe Illustrator

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Hello friends! We are so excited to upload our first tutorial How to Draw Vector People in Adobe Illustrator.

In this half tutorial half speed drawing video you can follow the steps of drawing our common people set which you can download here.

As a reminder, I used pen tablet during the drawing but a mouse also works well.

Okay, let’s start!

#step1 setting up the document

We are starting with creating a new 30x30cm rgb document with default settings.

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When the blank page appears drag the reference image (you can download it here) into the project then click on the transform and resize it. The ‘H’ height should be 30 cm and care for the little icon it must be on which is next to the W and H size.

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After resizing the image, drag it to center of the page and lock the Layer 1 by clicking the space next to the eye icon under the Layers panel.

(p.s. If you can’t see the Layers Panel go to the Window section at the top of the screen and click on the Layers.)

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#step2 new layers + outline & shapes

When everything looks fine click the Create New Layer button under the Layers Panel and rename it as jacket.

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When the jacket layer is selected click on the Pencil Tool (N) on the left and draw the outline of the jacket.

After drawing the outline of the jacket click on the Eyedropper Tool (I) on the left then click on the yellow part of the jacket.

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When the shape looks fine click on the Direct Selection Tool (A) on the left and click on the anchor points which needs editing.

You should remove any anchor point that looks unnecessary or convert them to corner or smooth from the top panel. To improve the shape drag the handles of anchor points and reshape the lines attached.

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After completing the whole jacket create a new layer as pants and repeat the pencil-eyedropper-direct selection process then drag the jacket layer (including top) above other layers.

Image for post

Create a new layer named skin and close other layers with clicking the eye icons next to them. Repeat the pencil-eyedropper-direct selection process, draw the face and hands then drag the skin layer to the top.

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Create a new layer named hair and repeat the same process. For a better vision make sure closing other layers before drawing the hair. Repeat the direct selection process, hair and face shape should fit well.

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Create a new layer named umbrella and click on the Pen Tool (P) on the left. Click the corners and complete the rib.

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When its done create an umbrella2 layer and draw the fabric part of umbrella with Pen Tool (P).

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After recoloring the umbrella and arranging the layer order (umbrella2 layer should be between jacket and pants layers) create a new layer for cigarette, i used the name oth (short form of others). When the oth layer is selected click on the Pencil Tool (N) and draw the outline of the cigarette. Drag and move the oth layer under the skin layer.

Image for post

Create another oth layer for drawing the part of cigarette which appears across the skin then draw it with the Pencil Tool (N) and refine it with the Direct Selection Tool (A).

#step3 editing patterns

So far so great, we have almost completed the drawing. Make sure that every layer is visible and under the Layers panel click on the circle next to the jacket layer. This allows you to select all layer content at once. While selected Copy (cmd+c) (ctrl+c) and Paste in Place (cmd+shift+v) (ctrl+shift+v) and click on the Swatches > Swatches Libraries menu > Patterns > Decorative > Vonster Patterns > Splatterz on the right.

Image for post

I chose this pattern because of the similarity with the original photo, you can try something else if you want. After choosing the pattern close the jacket layer with the eye icon under the Layers panel. Now use the eyedropper tool and click on the blue part of the jacket. Double click on the Fill section on the left and copy the color code in Color Picker screen.

Image for post

Open the Swatches section again and double click the pattern we used. When pattern editing screen came click on the blue part of the pattern > Fill > Color Picker screen and paste the color code here.

Image for post

Lastly repeat this for the rest of the colors. For making it easy, i changed;

blue > blue # 0f9abe

pink > red # cd360f

green > black # 141319

And the result;

Image for post

I hope it will be useful. Keep following!

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